Review text : Transformer 2

The Dark of the Moon

Reviewed by : Chairul Chamim

As fantastic as the real

title       : Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon
Genre   : Action
Time    : 154 minutes
Director: Michael Bay
Released: 2012, USA,
Played in RCTI at January, 1 2013.

            Have you seen Transformer or Transformer 2? They were great movies, right? Well, I supposed you were really impressed when you saw those movies. Those two series of Michael bay’s movies gave a great story of adventure and action. They gave a great film effect created by high technology including them. But do you know? The third series of transformer has been released by Michael Bay, the director of the first and the second series in July, 11 2011. It had been playing in some countries in Europe. But it entered Indonesia in January 2012 and it was played in TV a year later or in the beginning of 2013.
            The story gives flashback to the first and the second series that told a fighting of Autobots (good robots) and Human against Decepticons (bad robots). In the first beginning of this movie tells us the journey of NASA crews to do a top secret of American government to learn about the dark side of the moon that contains an equipment of Autobots to do a teleportation journey. NASA crews also find Sentinel Prime, the king of Autobot, buried in the dark side of the moon then they bring Sentinel to the earth. Unlike in the second series which autobots were hidden from human, in this series autobots work with human in NEST (Network Elements Supporters and Transformers) to kill Decepticons.
            Sam Witwicky gets medal from American president in his action of saving the earth from Decepticons, although he gets medal from president he still unemployed for few years. Sam lives with his hot girlfriend, Carl Spencer who works for an Ultra-Rich accountant, Dylan gold, who seems to have eyes to her. Sam finally get a job, he works in e-mail room in a big company. In his work place he meets Wang, Co-worker in the company, who informs him about the conspiracy between Autobots and the dark side of the moon. After informing the conspiracy to Sam, Wang is killed by Decepticons by throwing him from the window and it makes people argue that Wang killed suicide by jumping from the window.
            After getting information from Wang, Sam meets Simmon to get a help. Sam and Simmon go to NEST office and inform NEST about the conspiracy between Autobots and the dark side of the moon. Unfortunately, NEST doesn’t believe in Sam. Sam try to make NEST believe him. Finally, Nest believes in Sam after knowing the aggression of Decepticon. NEST and Sam try to save the earth by raising Sentinel Prime, King of Autobots. But, Sentinel Prime seems regretting NEST because Sentinel decide to help Decepticons.
            I will say this third series of Transformer films was a film with high technology system. Michael Bay shows great effects in this film. Bay makes Transformer 3 so realistic and fantastic. Unlike two films before, Bay include more action, and dramatic stories. And the one I love best is the beginning of the story. The beginning of film shows the journey of NEST to the moon for learning dark side of the moon. Michael Bay makes it so realistic. Bay makes it as realistic as the journey to the moon held by NASA in 1987. I think it must spend so much money.
            The only bad thing that I hate so much is the sex action in this movie. There are many parts of sex action done by Sam and his hot girlfriend. It is not appropriate for children, this movie can’t be seen by all groups of age. Beside that Michael Bay also forced Shia Libouf (Sam Witwicky) to play in this movie as humorist player, but the play is so flat. Shia Libouf can’t play as humorist character.
            Overall, there is no doubt about this movie. It is a great film I have seen. I love it so much.