Gerund and Infinitive

A. Gerund
            Gerund may function as subject and object. It may also follow adjective, preposition, and noun.
Pattern :
1. Gerund as subject
            Gerund + predicate + object/complement
2. Gerund as object
            S + V + Gerund
            S + V + Adjective + Gerund
            S + V + Prepotition + Gerund
            S + V + Pos Adjective + Gerund
            S + Certain expresions + Gerund

List of the verbs followed by gerunds are:
admit  advise anticipate  appreciate
avoid  can’t bear  can’t help  celebrate
complete consider  delay deny
detest  discontinue discuss  dislike

List of preposition combinations followed by gerunds are:
(be) excited about                 (be) worried about                complain about/of
dream about/of                    talk about/of                         think about/of
apologize for                          blame (someone) for              forgive (someone) for
have an excuse for               have a reason for                   (be) responsible for
thank (someone) for              keep (someone) from           prevent (someone) from
prohibit (one) from               stop (someone) from              believe in

Some expressions followed by gerund are:
have fun/a good time                                  have trouble/difficulty
have a hard time/difficult time                   spend + time expression/money
waste + time expression/money                  sit + place expression

There are some expression with ―go‖ followed by gerund which include:
go boating                go bowling                    go camping go dancing
go fishing                 go hiking                    go jogging  go running

B. Infinitive
Pattern :
1. Infinitive + V + O/C
2. S + V + Infinitive 
3. S + V + O + Infinitive
4.S + V + Adj + Infinitive

List of the verbs followed by infinitive are:
afford            agree    appear              arrange             ask
attempt            beg     care      choose             consent
claim             decide            demand           deserve  expect
List of verbs followed by Pronoun + Infinitive are below:
advise  allow ask  beg  cause
challenge convince  dare  encourage  forbid
List of common adjectives followed by infinitive are below:
glad to  happy to  pleased to  delighted to content to
relieved to  lucky to  fortunate to sorry to  sad to
List of verbs that can be followed either by gerund or infinitive are:
attempt  begin bother can’t stand  cease
continue forget go on hate  intend

List of Perceptive Verbs (verbs that can be followed either by gerund or bare
infinitive (without to-) are:
see  notice watch look at observe  hear
listen to feel  smell taste overhear

Put Gerund, Infinitive, or Bare Infinitive to replace the word in the bracket!
1. I can't imagine Peter (go) by bike.
2. He agreed (buy) a new car.
3. The question is easy (answer).
4. The man asked me how (get) to the airport.

5. I look forward to (see) you at the weekend.