Question Tags

            Question tag is a special construction in english. It is statement followed by mini-question. We use tag question at the end of statement to ask for confirmation.

§  Basic rules of tag question

      1.  Statement.

a)      Positive statement
Example : Snow is white , isn’t it?

b)      Negative stament
Example: You don’t have a car, do you?


1.         Never , seldom, rarely, hardly, nobody, none, neither, few are all negative meaning, therefore the tag must positive.
2.         Nothing , something, everything , anything are all considered singular therefore the subtituting pronouns mut be it.
3.         No one, some, nobody, everybody, everyone, anyone, are all considered plural therefore the subtituting pronouns must be they.

                        2. Imperative

                        Will You =       Take a seat, will you?
                                                Don’t Run, will you?

                        Can you=        Don’t smoke, can you
                                                Sit down, can you?

                        3. Invitation

                        Example:         Let’s Study, shall we?
                                                Let’s go, shall we?
                                                Let’s Swim , shall we?
Provide the appropriate Tag questions!
1. She is collecting stickers, _______ ?
2. We often watch TV in the afternoon, _______ ?
3. You have cleaned your bike, _______ ?
4. John and Max don't like Maths, _______ ?
5. Peter played handball yesterday, _______ ?